About Us

About Us



Danvic contracting was founded on the premise to provide asbestos abatement, mold remediation and demolition services. It is a privately owned with its main office in central Jersey. Danvic Contracting is fully LICENSED & INSURED, offers competitive pricing and quality management that helps to set us apart from our competitors.


Our core commitment is to provide unequalled customer service through immediate response to all inquiries. Danvic Contracting has developed a management plan that makes our services desirable to a wide range of clientele. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver our exceptional services to both the multimillion dollar corporation as well as our local neighbors. We are large enough to manage the most complex project and still flexible enough to accommodate the needs of local business and residential communities.


With decades of environmental and demolition experience our professional management team reviews each project and develops a sound strategy to manage and complete each project in an efficient and economical manner. Together they have more than 15 years of working with asbestos, mold, and demolition projects.


Danvic Contracting works with State, Federal, and Local agencies as well as building professionals, environmental consultants, and legal representatives on an ongoing basis to ensure that our company continuously maintains sound business practices.


We have the experience personnel, and resources to make every project run smoothly and efficiently. We can ensure a job is done in a timely manner and according to State/Federal Regulations. We are fully insured.