How do I know if I have asbestos containing materials?

While it is technically impossible to know without testing and laboratory analysis, extensive experience can save the customer money, by having knowledge of common asbestos containing products, therefore eliminating the need for material bulk sampling and analysis. Our staff can usually pinpoint well known materials that historically are asbestos containing.

Do I need to remove materials that have asbestos?

While there is generally no law that says you have to remove asbestos containing materials, several instances either require removal or would make better sense to remove to avoid further complications. It is also usually more cost efficient just to remove materials instead of trying to repair or maintain them. Once a material begins to break down, the constant care to maintain can be costly, and possibly harmful if it continues to deteriorate.

Can I remove the material myself?

In our professional opinion, asbestos should never be removed by anyone without the qualifications and licensing to do so. You may have a renovation or plumbing contractor who tells you they deal with it all the time and know what to do, but experience in construction does not qualify them to properly complete asbestos abatement.

What should I do first?

We can guide you through the entire process, from identifying to removal to complete documentation. One call to us is all you need to do. There is no obligation, and we are happy to explain the process, come out to your home or site, and give you a complete free estimate.